Introducing Swap TC

Swap TC isn't just a cryptocurrency, it's an entire hybrid ecosystem.
InterFi Network Contract Audit Presale [TBD]

Token Information

Swap TC was founded on the Binance Smart Chain with a unique contract function that rewards long-term holders on an individual basis as opposed to global taxation models. We're developing safe and trusted utilities that all crypto users desire that'll bring ease of use and a productive experience. Swap TC will not renounce ownership of the smart contract, as renouncing the ownership will not allow for updates as the project advances.

Please refer to our Whitepaper for more information.

Contract Address: 0x0bf969ab4082ead3bdac5b93badfe2f9cf5e155d

Corporate Wallet: 0x6651B51AA7310314398D0c886ef6550aB99D3aD5

Deployer Wallet: 0xDA2F10101902C12E1f5a3142f87888b147C99AcA

Reflex Finance Bronze Tier Certificate
Token / Symbol
Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Pancakeswap V2
Total Supply
1 Trillion
Current Stage
Presale / Reflex Finance
Presale Price / Rate
1 BNB / 500,000,000 SWAPTC (0.5B)


BNB Redistribution:

Liquidity Pool:

Auto Burn:


Swap TC

ICO will be held on Reflex Finance Join the Presale! [TBD]

Tokenomics Breakdown

Swap TC is the first crypto token to develop a system that rewards long-term holders on an individual basis. There's a 5% purchase fee for $SWAPTC which means slippage can be set from 6% to 12%. Swap TC’s smart contract has an option to lower the buy tax rate temporarily for special occasions and promotional events.

Tax fees start at 30% but gradually decrease weekly until reaching 10%. Slippage can be as high as 40% for selling during high tax weeks. In summary, slippage will depend on liquidity, price impact, and tax amount. The estimated slippage for holders who are selling during the lowest tax week will be 12-18%. If a holder transfers tokens to a new wallet, the timeline will reset back to week zero.

See our graph below for reference

The only token that uses a Center-of-Mass Tax System.

Our Tax System rewards holder loyalty on an individual basis as opposed to global taxation models.

Audit and KYC

Swap TC has completed its contract audit and KYC with Reflex Finance. Have a look at the audit below!

InterFi Network Contract Audit
KYC [Completed] ✔

The Heart of Swap TC

Unique Use-Case Products

Cryptocurrency is a massive blockchain ecosystem. An ecosystem is a network of participants in a blockchain network with shared business objectives, relationships, and processes. Swap TC will expand the ecosystem by developing unique use-case products. Our hybrid ecosystem will combine digital currency with paper currency. Cryptocurrency has become more promising than government-issued currency. We have much innovation in-store to bring ease of use and convenience without sacrificing security.

  • Reflections Tracker

    Connect your wallet and view your earned reflections directly on our website.

  • Token MetaData Tracker

    Self-service platform; it's our inherent responsibility to ensure data accuracy and access.

  • WebSwap

    Connect your wallet, swap directly on our website. Gas fees will be covered by us.

  • Swap TC App

    All use-case token products will be accessible directly through the Swap TC app.

  • Listings Platform

    Discover cryptoassets directly on the Swap TC tracking platform using our Token MetaData Tracker.

  • All-in-One Platform

    We will increase the average person’s purchasing power directly using digital currency.

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