Live Metadata Viewer

Data accuracy is an absolute state; Data can only be accurate or inaccurate and not a combination of the aforementioned; it's binary. A common issue with many tokens on the Binance Smart Chain is the lack of availability of coherent and accurate data. It seems that most of the smaller tokens listed on mainstream listing platforms display astronomical Market Caps that are wildly inaccurate and unrealistic.

Data Is Key

Notwithstanding BSC is a self-service platform, there exists an inherent responsibility to ensure data access and accuracy. Any investment on this front is a direct investment in the holders and investors that are simply attempting to "do their research". The more informed people are in Defi the further we depart from inadvertent gambling. The further we depart from gambling the closer we move toward informed investment decisions. Investing in crypto does not have to be a gamble. We're here to disrupt that pattern.


Metadata Features

There will be incremental updates between listed major release versions to fix bugs, add features, and functionality in a modular manner. This is not a complete listing of details as we must keep the intellectual property protected.


Phase I: Price, Market Cap, Circulating Supply, Remaining Supply, Burnt, Reflections Tracker, and Holders.


Phase II: Blockchain Explorer, Data Metrics, Graphs.

Data Access & Accuracy



Data-Access Privilege

Everyone has the right to a token's metadata and metrics, both in absolute accuracy and with no strings attached.


Industry Giants

We want to see more investment towards combating crypto scams and fraud within the space. If industry giants don't take proactive actions to reasonably and systematically combat fraud, then we all risk inevitable government intervention and dictation.


Self-Service Platform

Our Live Metadata Viewer will be a self-service platform for users to fall back on in case their token's volume falls below a certain threshold. Mainstream listing platforms make data less accessible and harder to track. Our platform will be here 24/7 for user support with data accessibility.