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Launched about 2 years ago
$39,518 USD in BNB reflections paid since launch

16 Apr 23 @ 7:24 PM (UTC)

Reflections Analytics113 BNBApproximately 69,065,020,455 [B] SwapTC

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Swap TC Overview

A unique smart contract that rewards long-term holders on an individual basis as opposed to global taxation models. The core team takes pride in developing safe and trusted utilities that bring crypto users ease of use in an efficient and timely manner.


Individual-Based Tax System

Swap TC is the first crypto token to develop a system that rewards long-term holders on an individual basis. There's a 5% purchase fee for $SWAPTC which means slippage can be set from 10% to 12%. Swap TC’s smart contract has an option to lower the buy tax rate temporarily for special occasions and promotional events.


There's a 5% buy-in fee for $SWAPTC.
Holders: 2.5%
Burn: 1.5%
LP: 1%


Sell fees start at 20% and it gradually goes down a percentage once a week until it reaches 10.5%.


Transferring $SWAPTC to a new wallet will reset the tax rate timeline. It falls under the same tax rate as the sell fees.


The slippage will vary according to what tax rate your wallet is at.

BNB (BEP20) Redistribution Amongst Holders

Our main focus is to release a one-stop shop all-in-one crypto platform that will not only revolutionize the industry but will also drastically increase the average person's purchasing power directly with digital currency.

Holders who hold at least 250 million of $SWAPTC will be eligible to receive BNB redistribution. The amount received will depend on the volume and the number of tokens held in the wallet.

We plan to lower and dynamically adjust the minimum required tokens for reflections to maintain a consistently affordable entry/benefit balance point.

Our Tax System

More coming soon

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