RoadMap 2022-2024

Disclaimer: Timelines are strategically flexible in order to meet realistic milestones. It wouldn’t be fair for our investors to be impacted adversely by the state of the world’s financial markets. All products will be released in a modular manner.

Establish Structure [Crawl]

► Corporate presence and project planning ✔

► Develop and release whitepaper ✔

► Audit and KYC process ✔

► Plan presale ✔

Coordinate [Walk]

► Conduct advertisement campaigns [Ongoing] ✔

► Reflections tracker ✔

► Launch presale ✔

► Live token stats (MetaData) integration

Energize [Jog]

► Reflex Swap ✔

► Platform Development Ramp-up ✔

► Deploy Help desk ✔

► Multiple exchange submissions ✔

Lift-off [Run]

► Mint limited edition NFTs (Patch giveaway)

Weekly Podcast
Price Predictions, Crypto discussions and guest appearances.

► Swap TC Finance

Achieve sonic boom [Fly]

► Launch merch shop ✔

► Expand core team and initiate our secret Phase II

► Release SafeMarketCap Listing Platform Beta

Breach Van Allen Belt

► Launch Wallet App (iOS and Android)

► Partnership ecosystem expansion

► Explosive app update with a merge to an all-in-one platform for ease of use and access.

Establish Forward Operating Base on the Moon

► Swap TC Crypto Credit Card

► Official launch of Swap TC Platform

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