Individual-Based Tax System

Swap TC is the first crypto token to develop a system that rewards long-term holders on an individual basis as opposed to global taxation models. The tax system that has been formulated was inspired by the Center of Mass Formula used in Physics.

Reflections BNB (BEP20)

All token holders will receive BNB (BEP20) redistribution automatically based on volume and the amount of $SWAPTC they're holding. The minimum number of tokens held required to receive reflections is 250 million. Keep track of global and individual reflections with our reflection tracker. Users will have the option to connect their wallets or manually input their public wallet address to view their reflection rates.

Additionally, users will be able to see what tax bracket they currently reside in. This utility is simple but critical due to our unique individual-based tax system which will be further explained below.

Reflections Tracker

Tokenomics Breakdown

We are the first to eliminate global taxation in a crypto token. The individual-based tax system recognizes the time of purchase and transfers made by a wallet. Once the wallet receives $SWAPTC is when the timestamp recognition begins. Users will have to hold their investment for 19 weeks to get to the lowest tax bracket. If a user decides to purchase more $SWAPTC after holding their investment for an 'X' amount of weeks, it will average out between week zero and the week they were currently in. This in effect helps minimize large price swings and fuels stability.

Transactions Breakdown


5% buy-in fee for $SWAPTC.


(20%/Week 0) decreases 1% once a week (10%/Week 19)


Slippage will vary according to the tax rate. (49%-12%)

The only token that uses a Center-of-Mass Tax System.
Our Tax System rewards holder loyalty on an individual basis as opposed to global taxation models.

Contract Address: 0x0bf969ab4082ead3bdac5b93badfe2f9cf5e155d

Corporate Wallet:

Deployer Wallet:
0xDA2F10101902C12E1f5a3142f87888b147C99AcA .

Important Things To Know

Transfer Tokens

If a user transfers tokens to a different wallet the individual tax system will reset back to week zero. The smart contract must recognize a timestamp for each wallet to implement the tax rate. It will recognize the new wallet's timestamp.

Transaction Fails

When purchasing your tokens make sure to have the right slippage selected (12%). The tax rate can influence your slippage and might cause the transaction to fail due to the slippage being too low.

Automatic Burn

The smart contract has been implemented to auto-burn every transaction. The highest auto burns will be made on sell and transfer transactions due to the low buy tax rate of 5%.

Anti-Whale System

If a whale decides to swing trade $SWAPTC and then buy back in, they will have a new tax rate automatically set due to our timestamp recognition function. We don't think it's fair for people who hold the token to share the same tax rate as traders.

Tax Bracket

Our reflections tracker has a function for users to input their wallet address to see what week they're currently in.

Refer to our table chart to see what tax bracket will fall into each week.

Long-Term Holders

Since holders are rewarded in three ways, reflections, governance, and platform functionality, we feel this setup can only be supported naturally by a token with stability.

Center of Mass Formula

The product of the total mass of the system and the position vector of the center of mass is equal to the sum of the products of the masses of the two particles and their respective position vectors.

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