Swap TC Wallet App
for Web, iOS & Android Platforms

An encrypted and secure multi-interface crypto-wallet solution. There's no need to sacrifice on convenience to enhance security.


Secured to industry standard using multi-signature security and encryption.


The entire app is end-to-end encrypted including data at-rest.


The same wallet from any interface, web, Android or iOS. You are the wallet, the wallet is not you; convenience is key.

Multi-coin support

Supports more than 13k tokens and expanding throughout multiple chains.

Device-based security

No user data is ever stored in a centralized location. The user is always in control of their data and assets.

Coin/Token analytics

Access to the latest SafeMarketCap coin metrics aiding in wiser investment decisions.

The Crypto Wallet For The Masses

Why settle for the regular wallet solutions out there when you can get designer-level features and quality focused on providing you with data analytics to revolve around your holdings.

Low-fee swap

Swap directly from our wallet using our low fee swap environment.

Username-based sending and receiving of assets

Send and receive crypto to and from a username; the ultimate convenience.

Multi-network NFT Support

Support for NFT assets across multiple chains with support for asset value display.

Notifications Options

A wide range of notification options.

It's time for a wallet that puts you and your assets first.

Current wallets are centralized around public wallet addresses. This posture presumes the wallet is the user and provides functionality accordingly. We feel this concept is antiquated and fails to take reality into consideration. The user is the center instead of the wallet. In accordance with this philosophy we are able to provide a centralized aperture for crypto holdings revolving around analytics and metrics.

A heavy-duty wallet with a heavy-duty impact

Analytics, Token MetaData Viewer, RugMetrics are some of the features available at your finger tips.


Access to vetted and accurate analytics, metrics and charts directly from our wallet. We will provide access to our data in addition to existing industry data by leveraging API relationships with our partners.

Token MetaData Viewer

Peer into the blockchain directly by viewing what existing platforms have available for any token. This includes but is not limited to, MarketCap, Supply Information and Price.

Rug Metrics

Our very own proprietary functionality that takes an ever-evolving set of markers and metrics heuristics to present a Rug likelihood meter essentially. This feature will allow for user interaction, such as confirmation and refuting options.

Coming Soon

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